In mid-May, one of the co-operators of the online drug shop Chemical Revolution was arrested by the BKA. Because the 21-year-old from Bremen has revealed the data of his customers, there will probably soon be many more buses on the way. In addition, several runners who worked for this illegal online shop were probably busted.

It all started with a Darknet shop called Warehouse, with which the Bremer is said to have generated profits of up to 3,000 EUR per month according to the media. Through Warehouse, he sold drugs that were either restricted or completely forbidden in Germany. He is said to have stored the hard drugs in the basement of his brother, with whom he lived. However, he had not informed him about his flourishing additional income. His main job was an apprenticeship as a plumber and he was in his second year of training.

Up to 10 years imprisonment possible

Later the arrested man from Bremen cooperated with a person with the pseudonym “C-R”. He was the actual operator of Chemical Revolution and apparently had not yet been busted. However, several runners were caught, who were also convicted. Through test orders employees of the BKA found out that the packages came from Bremen. After they had tapped his telephone calls and photographed him at the DHL packing station, the BKA striked in mid-May of this year. In order to mitigate the punishment, he disclosed all money flows and orders, whereupon he was released again after only one night. With Chemical Revolution, he is said to have turned over up to 100,000 euros a month. The young man is currently waiting for his trial. Up to ten years of imprisonment await him in the worst case.

Chemical Revolution: Total monthly sales of up to 200,000 euros

The real operator of Chemical Revolution said in an interview published online that he purchased the goods exclusively directly from dealers. He did not buy anything online because of the expected quality flaws. The top-selling products were cocaine, weed and crystal meth. The turnover of Chemical Revolution is said to have fluctuated between 150,000 and 200,000 euros per month.

As the “mastermind” of the project, the operator regarded himself as “as good as untouchable”, as he stated in an interview last year. According to his own statements, the unknown had prepared a plan for all eventualities. In addition, he is said to have done everything possible to protect himself personally, as it was said in the interview. It was clear to him that in the worst case he would disappear “for a longer time behind bars”. But apparently this has not happened yet. Drugs should not make this world a worse one, he said. The experiences that can be gained by using drugs are decisive.


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